Online Language Solution

PIP Lang

1:1 online speaking practice
with AI Korean speakers

* LESSON 1 (under Beginning 1 course) and LESSON 18 (under Beginning 2 course) do not require a subscription. They are free and open to anyone.

What is PIP Lang? What can teachers and students do with it?

PIP Lang, developed in cooperation with Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Colorado Boulder, is an online solution for Korean language learning. With PIP Lang, teachers can create online assignments in which students record conversations with virtual native speakers on a turn-by-turn basis. As such, PIP Lang's online platform dramatically increases student opportunities for speaking and conversation practice ... More

All About Anytime Korean Series - Introduction


The Anytime Korean Textbook Series is an interactive and engaging learning platform. Grounded in proven, effective pedagogic research, the series provides powerful, systematic practices for easily acquiring both spoken and written Korean. Using supplemental audio, video, and online resources -- as well as a mobile application -- the series builds hands-on communication skills and provides Korean language learners with an integrated practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing....More